Tree & Shrub Removal

Very responsive and they were able to work within my budget and provide a fair price. Did a great job cleaning up after they were done with removal.” ~ Lisa G., Thumbtack

Tree Removal

Commercial, Residential and Municipal Tree Removal Services. Serving customers from Fort Collins to Denver.

Shrub Removal

Need shrubs or various tree limbs, logs or branches removed? Just say the word and we'll get it done, promptly.

All Hauled Away

After the tree and/or shrub removal, we'll certainly clean up any leftover debris and thus leave your yard looking beautiful.

Time to Take it Down?

Tree and shrub removal customers are usually DIY homeowners and commercial customers who wish to remove a tree or bush for a whole host of reasons, including building clearance, root damage to sewer lines, “wild” or “untamed” look, land clearing, etc.

Take The Shrub...

Tree and shrub removal includes the complete removal of any tree, bush, shrub or woody plant by cutting it down to the ground and removing it from the premises.

Remove It Like yesterday

Cost of removal always includes the costs of removing all material from the premises, such as all logs, branches, leaves and all debris associated with the removal process, as well as a final “fine-tuned” clean.  This service does not include stump grinding or removal.

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