Tree & Grass Planting

“In a field where it can sometimes feel like a gamble if you will find a professional who is reliable and performs good work, we hit the jackpot finding Colorado Stump Removal!” ~ Melissa J., Thumbtack Review

Tree Planting

Trees make our town more livable and improve our quality of life in many ways, from air quality to natural beauty.

Grass Planting

Jillian, an arborist on our team, has a passion for planting grass. It will certainly show after she's finished with your lawn.

CSR Integrity

Reliable, honest, HARD WORKING, good value, kind, timely, responsive and aware of surroundings/property.

Replace That Sad Stump

Tree and grass planting is a service most often used by our stump removal customers.  It is often the reason that they’d like the stump removed in the first place.

11 Step Process

Tree planting is an eleven-step process that requires certain skills and a specific knowledge base.  CSR observes International Society of Arborists protocol when planting a tree and will only do so if the customer can demonstrate that they have an adequate watering system and are committed to keeping the new planting watered.

Seed or Sod. Your Call.

For grass planting, CSR offers seeding vs rolls, but can apply sod rolls if requested to do so by the customer, or when the situation calls for sod over seeds for specific circumstances.  As with new tree plantings, CSR will only seed or sod if the homeowner can demonstrate their ability and commitment to watering.

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