"Chris was very responsive and professional. He quickly removed "Nurse Ratched" from my livingroom and cleaned up the area very well afterwards! I'm very happy with the service received and would definitely recommend!" ~ Debra Barone

The Entitled One

She'll take everything, but your Lemon Chicken. And damn if she's playing passive aggressive with you.

The Process

We first set a humane trap (think peanut butter, newspaper and cage), then we relocate "that woman" into self-serve.

The Clean Hands

If you schedule the service from a pay phone, there's no trace back to you. Other than your address and payment info.

Let's Do It

Mother-in-Law removal is a service more often used by men (CSR finds that 64% of men vs 36% of women request this service) then women and is mostly relegated to the homeowner market where Mother-in-Law infestations typically occur.

The Bait

CSR humanly traps these dangerous and bothersome "Know-It-Alls" that come too close for comfort. Left unattended, MIL's can quickly cause a great deal of damage to your mind and home, including chewed wires, fires, holes in heating and cooling ducts and more, not to mention the accompanying stress and brain damage.

How We Take Her Out...

CSR uses only the most humane MIL removal techniques for residential and commercial property owners. Our no-trap MIL removal and Western Slope re-release program uses cutting edge MIL trap and release technology that goes the extra mile to protect those Pains-in-our-butts from injury or harm during transportation.